All the gifts in our online catalogue are now available through the year, so if you are looking for an alternative birthday or anniversary present or an inspiring thank you gift, why not consider these gifts. They will make a tangible and encouraging impact on some of the most dis-empowered people in the world, letting them know that somebody cares.

You now have the opportunity to buy a gift that really matters. From Bee Hives to Chickens to Bibles, each gift is unique and will directly help vulnerable communties around the world.

Whatever gifts you pick , they’ll bring joy to both your loved ones and those many miles away living in the communities we serve.

So, grab a coffee, sit back, relax and do some online shopping!



Items are Carefully Chosen
Working with local community leaders, we determine what needs are most critical for the areas where we serve.


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Browse the gifts below – and discover how each makes an impact! Then put your chosen items in your basket and checkout.


Download a Gift Card
Download gift cards to your device to print and give to the receiver so they know how the specific gift made in their name helps a developing community.


Send Resources
Our staff purchase the items locally to support the community and incorporates them into the community’s sustainable development strategy for greatest impact.
Cilianie Miscadin is a 59-year-old mother of six in Haiti. One goat changed her family's lives.

“The goat was an unforgettable gift… after it gave birth, I sold a goat in order to pay the school fees and buy schoolbooks for my children. I sold another goat to repair the house, because the roof was full of holes. The goat helped me also to set up a very small business … Thank you so much!”

Celianie Miscadin,


Anguache Wall, 35, joined FHâÂÂs health and nutrition program in January 2015. She poultry, vegetables and agricultural tools and was then trained on: saving and credit, horticultural crops and fruits production, poultry management and husbandry, compost preparation, input market linkage and local seed production techniques.

“I am so happy! I am feeding my children! From my own little farm! Vegetables and eggs! My children are growing vibrantly now — because they’re eating so well! I never thought such a thing could be possible!”

Anguache Walle,




  1. Every item in this appeal has been specially requested by our team members serving in other countries. They understand the needs of the local communities where we work – so you can be confident that your gift will truly change lives.
  2. We can’t designate your gift for a specific area or individual, like to your sponsored child, but you’ll see that we’ve noted some of the specific countries where your gifts will be used.
  3. Donating online is easy – and you can shop online anytime (even Christmas Day!)

Food for the Hungry UK promises to use your donation in the most effective way possible. The items and needs in this appeal reflect the average costs at the time of writing, and may change at any time. Gifts cannot be traced back to individual beneficiaries or communities.

 Please note that there may be some cases where a project is cancelled for reasons out of our control, or that it may be over supported.  In such an instance, Food for the Hungry UK reserves the right to transfer funds to another need which may be under supported. Please be assured that we will do everything we can to ensure that your gift is used with integrity and, as much as possible, as you have designated.